New Revelation hitting the CBD market

A New REVELATION hitting the CBD market!

How the CBD is taken is a matter of personal preference. Some love the taste of the oil, others prefer the more subtle taste of the water-soluble which can be mixed into food or drink without impacting flavor much or compromise the absorption rate. So if you're not keen on the taste of oils, take the water soluble. Using CBD oil, placing drops or spraying beneath the tongue is known as taking the oil sublingually. The advantage to taking the oil in this manner is that it allows the most vital components to be directly absorbed into the bloodstream and to your CB2 receptors without having to pass first through the digestive system.

The benefits of water soluble CBD:

This can be sprayed directly in the mouth and swallowed immediately or added to drink or food. It depends on what is easier for you. Because of the way the water soluble CBD is absorbed, the effects can be up to 10x more effective than the oil equivalent because your body is able to absorb almost 100% of the cannabinoids into your system. This is because the oil compounds have been reduced using a special technique, so they are small enough for the body to process through ingestion as it would any other food stuff that isn't an oil.

It's good for people who don’t like the taste of the oil or those who can’t hold it under their tongue. All of our water soluble CBD contains terpenes that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Our CBD is also CO2 extracted and uses Nanozorb patented technology to break down the CBD so your body can absorb 100 percent of the CBD promised! Check out some new alcoholic beverages that this new CBD formula can be added to.




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