The Story

For 15 years I've helped thousands of injured, ill, or disabled patients through therapeutic use of everyday activities. As an Occupational Therapist it was my goal to help patients develop, recover, improve, and maintain the skills needed for daily living / returning to work. 

The vision for VictoryLeaf came after witnessing how cannabinoid's provided my grandmother comfort as she battled cancer.  Without it she was constantly anxious, in pain, and nauseous, making her quality of life zero. After much research and trial by error, I found a formula that increased her appetite, decreased her nausea and allowed her to sleep at night, all with minimal pain and discomfort. 

There are so many vendors out there in the CBD market and it is very difficult for a potential new CBD user to know what it is that they are buying.  I wanted to provide a way for someone to purchase all the best CBD products in the industry, conveniently in one place, and know that they can trust VictoryLeaf to provide them with quality CBD that is safe and effective.

My goals have never changed as I work to continue to provide the same love and support to others, as I have my own family.  

Warm regards,