Recommended Daily CBD Dosage

Recommended Daily CBD Dosage

Because CBD is fairly new for a lot of people, I often get asked, "how much cbd daily should I take?"  After doing my research I have found a very good regime to follow.


Dosing Guidelines:

Small Starting Dose: 1.5 mg per lb. (Weight *.15)

Medium Dose: 3.5 mg per lb. (Weight *.35)

Maximum Dose: 5.5 mg per lb. (Weight *.55)


For Example-Someone who weighs 180lbs  

 small dose =  27mg

medium dose = 63mg

max. dose = 99mg of cbd daily


VictoryLeaf softgel AM with curcumin - 25mg per softgel

VictoryLeaf softgel PM with melatonin - 25mg per softgel

VictoryLeaf Tincture- 20mg per serving

VictoryLeaf Gummies - 20mg per serving


Topicals can be used as often as desired:

  • Unlike CBD oils or edibles, CBD topicals are not digested in the body and absorbed by the bloodstream. So, a CBD salve, cream, balm, or lotion is not expected to cause any possible drug interaction. By not entering the digestive system and getting digested, it doesn’t make its way through the liver or interact with the cytochrome P450 system.

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