What Is Nano-Water Soluble CBD?

What Is Nano-Water Soluble CBD?

Not all CBD is created equal. If you’ve tried CBD products from a few different brands, you might have noticed different reactions with each formulation. Some blends deliver exactly the results you’re expecting, while other products don’t seem to do much at all. It all depends on the bioavailability of your CBD products. VictoryLeaf CBD products are specially engineered with nano-water soluble CBD so your body can absorb the active ingredients. Learn more about nano-water soluble CBD, the most efficient way to consume it, and how bioavailability influences your results.


Nano-Water Soluble CBD

What is nano-water soluble CBD? The name might sound long and complicated, but that’s because it describes two different qualities. “Nano” deals with the size of the CBD compounds. VictoryLeaf CBD uses nanoemulsion to craft products with very small, micro-particles of CBD. Nanoemulsion processes like NanoZorb create dispersible, stable, yet potent CBD products with high bioavailability.

NanoZorbed CBD particles reach an average size of 100-150 nanometers. That’s only 0.00001 to 0.000015 centimeters wide. You can see why these particles are easy to absorb.

Before we discuss bioavailability, let’s take a look at the “water soluble” description. This part of the name addresses how your body uses these CBD products. Water soluble compounds can be easily broken down by water. When CBD is water soluble, that simply means that your body can break down the active ingredients using water.

Water soluble CBD is easier for your body to absorb on its own than oil soluble CBD. Oil soluble compounds need to have fats or oils present before they can be broken down and be digested. Oil soluble CBD can be complicated because you need to add a fat source with your dose.

VictoryLeaf CBD uses water soluble CBD because it’s easier for the body to use and delivers better results. Our water soluble CBD products are ten times as effective as other methods since your body absorbs more CBD.


Why Nano-Water Soluble CBD Is The Most Effective Form Of CBD

Nano-water soluble CBD is the best and most effective way to use CBD. That’s because the nanoemulsion process breaks CBD extracts into smaller particles than standard CBD oil. These small particles can enter your body and move throughout your bloodstream much easier than when you use traditional CBD products.

Traditional CBD compounds are hard for your body to absorb. Your body might only be able to take in 10% of the cannabinoids in standard CBD compounds. The NanoZorb products at VictoryLeaf CBD, on the other hand, are much more efficient. Your body can take in almost 100% of nano-sized CBD compounds, delivering a much better result.

We expect to see nanoemulsion become the industry standard for CBD products. Nano CBD can deliver rapid onset as well as uniform CBD distribution thanks to nanotechnology. These products give better results than other CBD-infused products such as gummies, beverages, and topical applications.


What Is Bioavailability?

Nano-water soluble CBD has higher bioavailability than old-fashioned CBD products, which means that more CBD molecules are available for your body to use. Bioavailability describes both the amount of a substance that can be absorbed by the body and how fast the compound can be absorbed.

Foods, drugs, and other substances with high bioavailability are quickly and easily absorbed. Products with high bioavailability are usually easy to digest and deliver quick results. Think about eating an apple, for example. Natural sugars in the apple can move quickly from your digestive system to your bloodstream, rapidly boosting your blood sugar. Apples are also full of useful vitamins, nutrients, fiber, and sugar for your body to use. Apples have high bioavailability because they have large amounts of useful substances that can be quickly absorbed.

Since it has high levels of useful compounds that can be quickly absorbed, nano-water soluble CBD also has high bioavailability. VictoryLeaf CBD products are rich in active ingredients. Our products enter the body faster and more efficiently than other methods, which leads to many benefits. For one thing, you can enjoy the same results from a smaller amount of product. Your nano CBD is easier to use and will last longer than CBD creams, lotions, beverages, gummies, or vapes. NanoZorb also creates a slightly sweeter-tasting oil, perfect for people who prefer to ingest their CBD or enjoy it in gummies.


What Does NanoZorb Mean?

The NanoZorb process is a special form of cold nanoemulsion that delivers amazing results. This method improves the water solubility of compounds while also breaking particles down to nano-size. When CBD is NanoZorbed, the typical cannabis extract is made more water soluble and is also miniaturized.

Better solubility and smaller compounds by themselves would still be a great improvement over standard CBD products. These qualities play major roles in CBD’s bioavailability. Water solubility and nano-sized particles both make it easier for your body to use CBD. However, the NanoZorb process isn’t complete yet.

The nano-sized CBD particles are combined with safe stabilizing compounds that keep them from combining back into larger compounds again. This step keeps the CBD particles from returning to their original, larger state. It also creates a dispersible liquid suspension that boasts high stability, dispersion, and absorption characteristics.

The NanoZorb process was invented by MIT scientists and cannabis researchers specifically to deliver better CBD products. The production method used fixed-geometry micro-channels to accelerate CBD extracts faster than the speed of sound. This process creates shear rates that are impossible to achieve from any other method. The resulting product is pure and potent because it was created without using excessive heat or breaking chemical bonds.


Explore Bioavailable CBD At VictoryLeaf CBD

Bioavailability plays a major role in how your body uses CBD. VictoryLeaf CBD is made with the special NanoZorb process, so it’s highly bioavailable. Our products are water soluble, nano-sized, and deliver amazing results. Explore the full line of VictoryLeaf CBD and discover a healthier, happier life.



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