What Is The Most Difficult Part About Starting a CBD Business You Ask?

What Is The Most Difficult Part About Starting a CBD Business You Ask?

     As a new female owned and operated CBD business, I often get this question. "What is the most difficult part about starting a CBD business Valerie?"  My answer is always the same and rarely deviates from the struggles I have endured thus far.  I recently did a podcast explaining exactly what and why.  In any business, there is always a risk. Whether it be a financial risk, or the risk of failure, it exists. This business exactly I feel is difficult for several reasons.

     The first reason is because this is still a very lucrative subject, that most people know little about.  There is a lot of hesitation, and mistrust in the CBD world simply because they do not know what exactly it is, what it could do for them, or how it can possibly harm them.  The fact that it is not FDA regulated also makes the constancy and efficacy of some products poor.  There are always those out there looking to make a buck, even at the risk of people's health and money. I feel that the more people get educated, the more people will trust in the product. Education is key and trust should be earned. 

     The second very difficult thing is the ability to advertise. Big companies like Facebook and Instagram have very strict guidelines for the CBD world, simply because they do not want to assume any risk, if any at all. Again, they know little about CBD and just how it is made and used for.  Many banks and large corporations do not support it, making getting a payment gateway for my website a full time job in itself.
     Third, there are a lot of misconceptions due to lack of knowledge and poor products that are out there.  Many people have come to me wondering if they can still drive after taking CBD, or feed their hungry baby in the middle of the night.  People ask me if they will feel high or fail a drug test.  Unfortunately, like I said earlier, people know little about CBD and just how great it works for so many, in areas of sleep, pain, anxiety and headaches-and I am only speaking of personal experience.  
     These are just a few things that are difficult in starting out a CBD business. Of course there are other things, like the increased amount of competition and poor quality, which lowers the trust people may have in the product.  All I can say is that when you do something from the heart, and with the right intentions, you are bound to succeed. Do not let these things bring you down, in fact, these are the very things that keep my drive strong and my mind super motivated.  The harder the challenge, the better the reward feels. At least that is how I see it.
     I have a lot of great ideas for VictoryLeaf, and ways to really relieve people of the very things that affects us all at one point or another. Things like lack of sleep, anxiety, stress, and migraines.  I make one large promise that I want all my customers to know.  ALL of my products and products that I sell on my site, are 100% safe, with accurate descriptions and ingredients and up to date with all the new technology out there, like nano-technology and water solubility for maximum absorption.  I want to create a name and a place that ultimately you can TRUST to purchase your CBD products.

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