Why Are Athletes Turning To CBD More Than Ever?

Why Are Athletes Turning To CBD More Than Ever?

The hype is high surrounding CBD at the moment and right now we’re not sure that it’s going to come down anytime soon. Specifically, we’ve seen it commonly used in athletes like never before, with more pro athletes turning it to help them when they’re training. When athletes train, their bodies undergo an immense amount of stress which is the purpose of training so that the athlete’s body is fatigued for the next training session. While athletes are enduring stress training they’ve started to turn to CBD for safer pain relief and many other reasons. 


Time may be one of the best healers that athletes can use, but CBD can also be used to relieve pain as well as have anti-inflammatory effects. These are two attributes that can help majorly with athletes and help to speed up the process that athletes typically go through to relieve pain. There are many myths going around about CBD and although the use has increased, people are still hesitant to use it for the first time. If you’re wondering why athletes have started to turn to CBD more than they have in the past, this is the article for you. 


We’ll go over all the facts about CBD, why athletes use it and how athletes use it.


The Benefits Of CBD For Athletes and Why They Use It 

There are many therapeutic benefits of CBD and many physical benefits as well. Many people use CBD, but it’s become more common that athletes to use it. Why do they use it? What are the exact benefits of CBD for athletes? Why are so many beginning to turn to it? Let’s take a look at what exactly the benefits of CBD are for athletes and why they’ve started to turn to it. 


Improve Sleep Quality 

One of the most significant effects of CBD is improving sleep quality, something that many athletes need to perform well. For greater training goals, athletes need a regular sleeping pattern that will improve their sleep quality. Studies show that our bodies need at least eight hours of sleep to function, but for athletes, their sleep pattern is far less than that. The rough training combined with school for college athletes and the stress of daily life can affect their sleep schedule drastically. Athletes have started to use CBD to fall asleep quicker and get a more restful sleep. It’s crucial that athletes are getting the proper amount of sleep so that they’re fully rested for training and practice. 


Many athletes suffer from insomnia as well, which results in not only fatigue but a loss of focus and low energy, which can drastically affect their performance as well as their training. Insomnia can drag down an athlete’s performance and make it so they’re unable to put in their best effort. CBD has been shown to be a therapeutic alternative to insomnia and can help athletes to get the proper amount of sleep each night. 


Used For Pain Relief and Recovery 

One of the most common uses for CBD is pain relief and recovery. Athletes not only get injuries, but due to the severity of their issues, it can take them a while to recover. Time which they may not have available. CBD topicals can work by being applied directly to the source of the pain, targeting specific areas. When athletes are working out and training roughly, it’s expected that they’ll experience some pain. When they’re working out the pain can get to a point where it can hinder even the simplest of tasks and hold them back from training. CBD is a safe way that athletes can reduce pain and help with inflammation and the recovery period. 


Helps With Inflammation 

Moderate levels of inflammation can be beneficial to athletes, but excessive inflammation in athletes can be harmful. When they experience muscle or joint inflammation it can interfere with their recovery process and affect their overall performance. It can also help with inflammation of the gut, where the small and large intestines become inflamed which can cause discomfort and pain. This can lead to athletes having to pull out of competitions, which is something that no athlete wants.  


CBD Used For Anxiety 

There’s research that shows what CBD can do for anxiety disorders and how it can help those with anxiety. Athletes, just as other people, also experience severe stress and are under an enormous amount of pressure when they’re performing. They’re under immense stress and pressure not only with their day-to-day life but also with their performance and training. Science has shown that CBD oil can help to relieve anxiety and help with anxiety disorders. Athletes turn to CBD to help them when they’re under stress and feeling anxious whether with their personal life or their athletic career. 


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