CBD Single Serve Snaps 35mg



1 7 14 30

CBD Single Serve Snaps 35mg



1 7 14 30
Product description

They have finally arrived!! Our easy to use, one handed, single serve CBD snap is perfect to add to any beverage.  Simply bend and snap into water, cocktail or a protein shake as they are water soluble and mix easily in liquid, leaving no oily residue on top. These Easy Snaps are VictoryLeaf's ONLY FULL SPECTRUM product, and its delivery, absorption rate, and efficacy also makes it our strongest formula yet.

  • Each snap holds 35mg of CBD
  • Natural Hemp Flavor
  • CBG/CBC and Terpenes for Entourage Effect
  • Nano-sized & Water Soluble
  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • Single Serve Bend & Snap 
  • Sold in single, 7, 14, or 30ct
  • CO2 Extracted
  • Bitter Blocker used for Optimal Sweet Taste!

Features & Advantages:

Opens with one hand
Dispenses 99%
Keeps your contents safe
Disperses without residue and can be recycled easily
Hygienic and clean
Long shelf-life
Transports easily in your pocket or purse without the risk of leakage or compression


Lab Tested  USA Grown  GMP Certified  Pure HEMP Oil  Paraben Free    

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